Beate Ronnefeldt
Born 1956, grew up in Colombia

1986-1996 Coordination and managerial tasks in the German Peace Movement in the following areas:
– Non-violent actions in connection with the stationing of Middle Range Nuclear Missiles
– launch of the initiative „Golf Peace Team“ with temporary stay in Iraq
– work with refugees from and in Bosnia and Croatia

Since 1991 Working with individuals and groups:
seminar leader in communication, mediation, conflict resolution,
trainer in Mediation, co-founder of BM (German Mediation Association ),
trainer for „Essential Peacemaking between Men and Women“ after Danaan Parry.

Since 1997 Providing sessions in personal developement, coaching, mediation, supervision and conflict resolution.

2000 Obtained certification as a trainer for Nonviolent Communication ( ) from Marshall Rosenberg. Since then: facilitating more than 100 NVC-workshops at different levels and providing training for trainers.

2002 Systemic Constellation Training with Sneh Victoria Schnabel.

2002 – 2005 Founded and directed the “Jewish-German Compassionate Listening Project“ (Reconciliation Work between children of survivors and perpetrators of the Holocoust).

2003 – 2005  Sharing the Presence Trainings with spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl (
2005 – 2011 Emotional Process Counsellor in Thomas Hübl workshops,
training and leading the Assistants-Group.

2010 Emotional Process Work in Lucia Renés  “Women standing in their power“-workshops. (

July 2013- April 2014  Mentor at A.W.A.K.E.N  Academy (

Since 2011 Time for personal growth: following only the impulses of my heart has taken me, and still does, on exciting inner and outer journeys, full of miracles brought about by divine orchestration. With excitement I observe us waking up on a personal and global level while I offer  accompaniment in personal sessions or workshops.