In the space of awareness, everything that arises wants to be seen, recognized and acknowledged as what it really is. When this happens, healing takes place – everything returns to its origin: The primal Ground of all Potential, the Ocean of LOVE. From there it may arise as new creation.


The reality I experience depends on who I identify with

It makes a huge difference, how I look at the world. Do I look through the eyes of the overwhelmed child I once was? Do I see the world as a place in which fear and limitation prevail while I believe that I can’t do much about it? Or do I look through the eyes of a spiritual being with unlimited potential, able to consciously create my world? What does my universe look like? What did I believe to be true, which was then confirmed through my experiences? A careful look into the mirror of my experiences tells me which unconscious beliefs provided the material for my experiences in the world.

Lasting change can only take place “inside“

The world I experience is a reflection of what I believe to be true, consciously or unconsciously. If I believe, that this reflection is “true life” (which is actually an illusion) and try to make lasting changes to it, I will surely fail. This could be compared to someone standing in front of a mirror and trying to take the hat off their mirror image whilst keeping their own hat on their head! Of course, what I change in or on myself standing in front of the mirror, will inevitably change in the reflection too – it will change my  experience.


The “magic“ space of pure awareness

Transformation takes place when I am able to grasp the essence of something by feeling and recognizing it in my heart. The space of pure awareness allows us to distinguish truth from illusion. In this space everything is allowed to be what it really is. For me this is “Seeing with the Heart“ which lies beyond thinking and allows acknowledgement, honoring and healing (reconnecting with yourself). In this space, I may realize that everything is energy moving under the eyes of awareness. Energy which is fully recognized for what it really is, starts to move from its manifested form into the direction of dissolution. It moves back into the primal ground of all potential and from there it may arise as new creation. Old patterns, beliefs and fears can be released this way.

Protective layers are a high expression of life-intelligence

The more difficulty I have to let go of old programs, beliefs and habits, the more I will have depended on them as protective measures and “secured”  them with several layers on top of my own awareness. These protective measures had to be carefully adapted to the conditions I was exposed to. They had to function automatically and be available any time. This is pure life-intelligence! In order to be able to let go of old baggage, I need to acknowledge, honor and feel gratitude towards this intelligence.

The benefits of using Heart-Intelligence

While my mind’s intelligence helps me make meaningful decisions in 3D, the intelligence of my heart is able to connect me to an intelligence that includes higher levels. The heart is the bridge to higher dimensions and unites me with my divine nature. It allows me to look upon 3D as an observer, instead of staying captured in a limited 3D-worldview. Letting go of old baggage becomes far easier and I can do it at exactly the right pace. My heart will guide me unerringly on my path to awakening and back to my true divine nature, if I learn to follow it completely.

In order to be able to consistently follow my heart and trust in its wisdom, I discovered that practice is needed to overcome the seemingly addictive habit of thinking. Inspired by HeartMath-Institut (, I have developed such a practice, helping you shift from thinking to feeling.

New Creation

It is not about time or space, but about frequency

Everything is energy, vibrating on a specific frequency level. Feelings such as fear, guilt or shame vibrate pretty low and will provide a level of experiencing which is “denser“ and “darker“. However, gratitude, joy and love vibrate on a frequency level that allows light and joyful experiencing. Having had the opportunity to release enough baggage, the focal point of my vibration-level will be relatively higher and this will be mirrored in my universe. The more I am able to hold high-frequency visions in my heart without being brought down by low-frequency energies such as doubts or fear, the more I will be able to consciously manifest a new world.

Everything I am able to envision that is grounded in pure awareness and held in my heart, I can create. Everything is possible. I only hit the limitations that I believe in.